The falling boulder is suspected to have rolled off a cliff

A couple died on impact when a boulder fell on their makeshift hut and struck them in Phomshing, about a kilometre away from Trashigang Police Station towards the oil depot on July 5.

A police official said the time of incident is not known since there were no eyewitnesses.

“A police personnel reported the incident around 6am yesterday,” the official said. “The couple were already dead when we reached the site.”

The boulder is suspected to have fallen off a cliff located above the hut. It dropped through the roof onto the couple’s bed and rolled off to the road below.

The husband was a 27-year-old man, a painter from Trashiyangtse. His wife, 32, from Mongar is a scrap dealer. Police said there was no one at home when the incident happened.

His Majesty’s kidu office handed over semso to the deceased’s family.

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