Homeless: A five-member family lives in a temporary shed near a community Lhakhang at Yurmung village in Langthel, Trongsa. The family was forced to move out as falling boulders from Rephey-Koshala bypass road construction destroyed their house in 2013.

With their daughter and husband, Langamo and Leptang who are in late 60s, live in a single-room structure. The structure stands a few metres away from their damaged house.

The family moved out of their damaged house in 2013.

Leptang’s son, Phurpa Wangdi, said that the Department of Roads (DoR) had agreed to repair the house but nothing has been done yet. It is almost three years now and the family is still living in temporary shed.

Phurpa Wangdi said that he approached DoR and the gewog office repeatedly but nothing has come of it. “I have also approached the dzongkhag administration, following which a team was sent to inspect.”

He said DoR took the agreement that was drawn between the two parties and never shared a copy with them. “DoR initially took the agreement copy saying that they will make a copy and share with us, but that never happened,” he said.

Phurpa Wangdi added that he wanted to make another agreement. “We are in dire need of a house.”

Their field was filled with boulders making it difficult for them to do farming and the apple trees around the house turned unproductive. They managed to clear the field later and the orange trees have now started to bear fruits again.

DoR gave them 10-metre water pipe, some 16 sheets of CGI sheets, gravels, cement and sands for the construction the temporary shed.

“I will be so happy if the DoR repairs my house soon,” Langamo said.

Langthel’s administrative Officer, Tashi Dorji, said that gewog did its part by following up with relevant agencies. “We could not find the copy of the agreement that was drawn between DoR and the affected family,” he said.

A DoR official said that they have already worked out an estimate jointly with the dzongkhag officials. “We will visit the site again, meet the owner, and start the work within first week of October.”

Nima Wangdi | Langthel