Nim Dorji | Trongsa

With paddy cultivation nearing, the people of Nabji and Korphu are looking to the government to provide channel fencing.

Channel fencing is a system of fencing with a raised concrete base.

Channel fencing, the villagers say, would be much more effective in keeping the animals away.

Nabji and Korphu together have more than 200 acres of paddy fields.

Phub Tashi from Nabji, said that the people would not be able to protect their crop without support from the government.

It was learnt that the government had issued the materials for electric fencing but the people rejected them because electric fencing wasn’t found to be effective.

Tashi Gyamtsho from Nabji said that wild boars could get inside electric fencing. “Looks like only channel fencing can work.”

The villagers believe that if things do not improve, many could leave the village altogether. Reportedly, fallowing of land is growing in the villages.

Tashi Penjor from Korphu said that farming was becoming unproductive and cumbersome.

Korphu Gup Sangay Khandu said that the issue was discussed in the Gewog Tshogdu and included in the 12th Plan.

He said that the gewog’s total budget for developmental activities was just Nu 8M. The 5km fence could cost around Nu 20M, according to engineers.