Tshering Namgyal | Mongar

The primary beneficiaries, people of Tsamang in Mongar, and Lhuentse, are eagerly waiting for the  bailey bridge over Kurichhu at Dorjilung (commonly known as Rodpashong) along the Mongar-Lhuentse highway.

After the much -debated Gorgan-Shingkhar bypass highway failed to get through, the hopes and expectations of the people have turned to Dorjilung-Yongkola bypass.

The bridge is  expected to shorten the distance between Tsamang and Mongar proper via Dorjilung.

Mongar’s Member of Parliament (MP), Karma Lhamo, pledged the bridge during bye-election campaign last year.

However, with no progress taking place after more than a year passed, Tsamang residents questioned the MP during her recent constituency visit about when will the government begin construction.

Residents of Lhuentse are also waiting for the road as it is expected to shorten the distance between Lhuentse and Yongkola by more than 30 kilometres as they will not have to route via Gongola junction.

Tshering, a driver from Lhuentse, said they were happy to learn about the substitute bypass for Shingkhar-Gorgan highway . “With nothing happening in the area I doubt it would really come.”

The chief engineer of Department of Roads’ Lingmethang regional office in Mongar, Kinzang Dorji, said the bridge site study at the other bank of river, rock cutting and widening of approached road of 50 metres from Mongar side would commence from December this year.

He said the government has approved Nu 24 million development dudget out of which Nu 4 million was set aside for feasibility study (soil study). Nu 20 million would be allocated for rock cutting and widening the approached road.

However, Kinzang Dorji said the actual construction of 200-feet  bailey bridge would commence in the next financial year with the separate budget approval.

The dismantled bridge parts from Punatsangchhu project have already reached the site.

The road from Tsamang  via Pam through Banjar  has been  connected since 2019 to the other bank of river . The department of road also has plans to widen the Dorjilung-Yongkola bypass highway.