Sonam Deki & Dorji Wangmo | Interns

Except for 72 graduates, 1,303 university graduates who sat the 2021 Bhutan Civil Service Examination (BCSE) on November 29 secured more than 50 percent.

However, almost half of them will have to look for jobs elsewhere. The civil service has vacancies for the top 686 candidates. The number of candidates taking the exam and the number of seats available have both decreased by 1025 and 157 respectively.

In the general category, 501 candidates of 522 who sat for the examination secured more than the pass percent of 50 percent. The Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC) has jobs for only 171.

Karma Dema, a BA (honours) Economics graduate from Sharda University, India topped the General category with 71.68 percent. She had been working in Chhukha as an enumerator for the livestock census. 

A BA in Language and Literature from the College of Language and Culture Studies, Kinley Wangdi stood first in the Dzongkha category with 81.33 percent. Apart from preparing for the main examination, Kinley Wangdi has been working as a voluntary teacher at Kelki HSS.

In the Dzongkha category, all 71 candidates passed, however only 52 will be recruited.

In the technical category, 312 out of 359 candidates passed, with 163 being recruited into the civil service on merit.

Jangchuk, who graduated from National Institute of Traditional Medicine with a BSc in Traditional Medicine, topped the Technical category with 76.49 percent.

Of 423 candidates, 419 with a Bachelors in Education (B Ed) passed. With a score of 69.68 percent, Chimi Yangchen, a BEd Dzongkha graduate from Paro College of Education topped the category.

Phub Pem, a BEd Primary graduate from the same college obtained 76.74 percent topping the B Ed General category. “It was a surprise,” she said. She thought her friends were playing a prank on her when they called to congratulate her on her success.

Meanwhile, the candidates have the opportunity to appeal for recounting of their scores between December 14 and 16. The appeal outcome will be declared on December 21.