Film: The Bhutan Film Association has received a user-right certificate to use land to build a new complex, which will house offices for the Bhutan Film Association (BFA), classrooms, conference centres, and a film studio, according to a press release issued by the BFA.

The salhang tendrel (ground-breaking ceremony) for the building was held coinciding with the auspicious 10th Anniversary of His Majesty The King’s reign.

The Prime Minister, who was the chief guest at the event, said that the government has already committed to fund the construction of the structure and it has been included in the government plans.

His Majesty The King granted the 19 decimal plot in Chubachu for use of the Bhutanese film fraternity, so that they may set up infrastructure to improve and promote filmmaking in Bhutan.

The proposed four-storey building will house colour grading and sound design studios on the ground floor, shops catering to film related props and equipment on the first floor, class rooms, conference halls and offices on the second floor, and film studios on the third floor where filmmakers can design and build their sets and film conveniently within their own controlled environment.

“Filmmakers in Bhutan have always had the good fortune of receiving His Majesty The King’s blessings and support, for which we are eternally grateful,” says President of the Bhutan Film Association, Mila Tobgyel. “In 2009, His Majesty The King conferred the Royal Order of Merit to the Film Association, and by extension to Bhutanese filmmakers, as a gesture of support to Bhutanese films and to emphasise the importance of films in our society.”

His Majesty The King has also granted numerous audiences to filmmakers, and has discussed how important films are to a society and culture, in representing our country and entertaining the people. Inspired by His Majesty The King’s vision and commitment to promote Bhutanese films, and support filmmakers, the Bhutan Film Association drafted a film policy in 2013.

For the past five years, His Majesty The King has also granted funds to sponsor the National Film Festival Award in the Youth category.

Mila Tobgyel added that in addition to the innumerable support received from His Majesty The King, local films are always screened during Royal tours across the country, thereby helping in promoting the industry. His Majesty The King has granted numerous personal solera and has supported individual filmmakers in various capacities over the years.

“Our blessings are numerous. Members of the Bhutanese film fraternity have been granted the opportunity to participate in national events such as the National Day celebrations, thereby promoting film makers on the highest stage,” Mila Tobgyel said.

The construction of the new studio is expected to begin soon, and it is hoped that the Bhutanese filmmakers can make use of the facilities to further promote the art of Bhutanese filmmaking.

Staff reporter