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A fire broke out in Olakha in Thimphu on Thursday November 12 which caused damages to a two-storey building near the Olakha automobile workshop.

The fire which occurred at around 8:35pm razed two units of the building and partly damaged two more units.

According to sources, the fire stared from an apartment and quickly spread to the other units.

“When the incident happened, I was not at home. I do not use either electric heater or gas stove,” said Aum Dema, who now lives with her daughter.

Another victim, Vijay Kumar, lost everything to the fire. The family has been putting up with Kumar’s sister since.

Raj Kumar Rasaily, another victim, could salvage only a few clothes and utensils. He now lives in a room that the fire did not damage.

The incident was reported to the fire department at 9pm. The police said that a short circuit could have caused the fire.