The first batch of Sports and PE Diploma students, 21 in all, graduated from Paro College of Education on June 30. Bhutan will now have professional coaches and sports educators.

The graduates specialised in the areas of sports academic, sports pedagogy, practicum (technical aspect), profession education module, and the personal development.

The diploma provides 14 sports modules with the focus on sports specialisation ranging from psychology to motor development. Students study sports science, which help the development of students’ physique and mental aspects.

Senior lecturer with Paro College of Education (PCE), Lungten Wangdi, said the course is designed to improve motor skills (movement efficiency) of the human body. “Efficiency of physical body has a correlation to mental development.”

According to the press release from PCE, although the students were unenthusiastic in the beginning, they now believe that they are the architects of the Bhutanese sports.

Lungten Wangdi said the programme caters to the need in the market as many young people are pursuing sports for living.

Graduates said that they may be different, but they are academicians all the same.

With the first batch of students graduating, a mandate of Bhutan University Sports Federation has been achieved, read the press release.

Staff reporter