7.55am:  People started queuing at the Punakha hospital since 7.55am today. It is one of the polling stations with highest number of registered voters

8am: Polling officials conduct mock election in the presence of voters at 8am at Punakha Hospital and seal the EVM

8.26am: Priority seating arrangements made for differently abled people, the elderly, expecting mothers and women with babies

8.36am: With the queue getting longer, the presiding officer at Punakha Hospital informs voters that there is some time to start the voting. He educates the voters on the VPIC (the colours and signs of the national flag on the latest one) and if they are carrying 2008’s VPIC, they can make new one from the election office near the polling room.


8:37am: A former Katsho gup, Rickey, 62, along with his daughter were the first to arrive at GongzimUgyen Dorji Central School polling station in Haa. The PS has the highest number of registered voters in the dzongkhag. Haa Thromde thuemi, Lhab Tshering joined the two.

8:42 Not a single voter has turned up yet to cast their votes at Samdrupjongkhar MSS

8.46am: Polling officials wait for voters in Tang PS, Bumthang

8.49am: The first voter at Babesa primary school PS, an octogenarian waits for the voting to start.

8.52am: Male voters wait for the polling booth to open in Phuentsholing HSS polling station

8.52am: Voters queue at Boomdeling LSS polling station in Trashiyangtse

8.53am: Seven voters wait at Pam PS in Trashigang. The PS has 479 registered voters of which 177 availed PB service

8.54am: The two candidates for Chhoekhor_Tang constituency in Bumthang

8.56am:A voter gets ready to go to the poll in Tsirang

8.56am: Voters arrive at Khatoed Gewog meeting hall in Gasa.

8.56am: Voters queue at Tang PS in Bumthang

8.58am: Presiding Officer briefs voters on the dos and don’ts at Boomdeling LSS PS in Trashiyangtse

8.59am:At least 25 voters queue at Semjong Gewog Centre polling station in Tsirang.

9am: First batch of around 30 voters queue at Lhuentse HS polling station

9.05am: Poll opens in Bumthang at 9am sharp.


9.05am: Voters queue at Dechheling gewog center polling station in Nganglam, Pemagatshel

9.06am:Tshomo, 71 from Bapta is among the first voters at Dechheling gewog center PS in Nganglam


9.08am: A 67-year old voter, Zhokpola, is the first voter at Boomdeling LSS station PS. He said he prayed for the best party to form the government.

9.10am:Pelzom, 80 from Gasa said she could cast her vote for the right candidate despite a problem with her vision. She was the first voter at Khatoed Gewog Centre PS.

9.10am: Sangay Wangmo, 49, a resident of Phuentsholing thromde is first female voter at PHSS PS

9.14am: The first group of voters at Lhuentse HS PS

9.15am: Senior citizens leave Zhemgang central school PS after they cast their votes.

9.17am: Deki, 50, from Guma in Punakha is the first voter at Punakha Hospital PS. She said she came to the polling station at 6am. “One of my relatives expired and is at the cremation ground and I need to be there the whole day so I came early to vote,” she said. “I came to vote because it’s important and I can make a difference.”

9.17am: A good number of male voters turn up at Zhemgang CS PS.

9.17am:About six people cast their votes at Bangtsho RNR polling station in Dewathang, Samdrupjongkhar. There are 956 registered voters here.

9.17am:Bumpa, 36, from Bapta, who is physically challenged came to cast his vote at Dechheling GC polling station in Nganglam

9.17am: Aiman Gurung, 78 from Daragaon, Samtse thromde votes at Samtse HSS poll station under Phuentshogpelri-Samtse constituency.m”We have to vote,” he said.


9.18am: A father and daughter came all the way from Mongar to cast their vote at the Pam PS in T/gang. Karma Wangdi, 77 was the second voter t the PS and the oldest so far. His daughter, Jigme Choden, 48, voted after him.

9.19am:Despite being ill,Nima Seldon, 65, came to vote from Bapata at Dechheling GS PS. She was sick almost for a month. Voting is a responsibility, she said.

9.20am:Sangay Tshomo, 84 is hard of hearing. With her vision diminishing, she says it hard to even recognise her children. She voted at Bangtsho RNR PS in Samdrupjongkhar

9.21am: Wangdi, 65, brought his son’s VPIC and was sent home to get his card. He will return in the afternoon at Somcholing pry school PS in Trongsa

9.21am:Wangjay, 78, from Gonpawoong, is the second voter and the oldest to vote at Dechheling GS in Nganglam

9.21am: Voters queue at the Punakha Hospital PS

9.23am: Male voters (60) outnumber female voters (50) at Gelephu HS PS

9.25am:Sherab, 90, and Kinzang Choden were the first voters at Gashari pry school PS in Norbugang, Nganglam

9.26am:Voters queue at Samtse HSS polling station. About 15 voters have voted as of 9:22am.

9.27am:Aum Namgay, 51, from Talo feeds her grandson before the voting starts. She said came to the polling station at 7am and carried her grandson with her because there is no one to look after him at home. She said her daughter and son-in law are in Australia for studies.

9.29am:Voters walk to the Tshaling primary school polling station in Trashiyangtse

9.31am: DPT President Pema Gyamtsho arrives at the Tang central school PS to cast his vote

9.37am:Kuenzang Peldon, 24, casts her vote at Dewathang PS in Samdrupjongkhar

9.37am: Tadin Wangmo, 18, a student of Bayling CS in Trashiyangste is voting for the first time. She said she would vote for the best candidate.

9.39am:Father and son from Wangdue have come to vote at Pam PS in Trashigang. Sonam Tshering, 23, could not vote since he was registered as a postal voter. The father Tashi Tenzin disappointed reminded the son to be more careful next time. “Now wait for 5 more years,” he told his son

9.40am:The women have already voted and chat about last night’s rain and the Dassain festival. They voted at the Samtse HSS poll station early and are waiting for their friend who they claim is always late.

9.40am: Chekula, 83, from Maenchu under Norbugang gewog in Nganglam came to cast his vote at Nganglam LSS PS

9.40am: Young women with their babies from Khamey village in Dragten gewog in Trongsa came to vote together at Samcholing PS polling station

9.41am:An election official helps a woman voter with her month old baby in Zhemgang

9.45am:Gado, 45 just voted in the Geychukha polling station in Haa

9.57am:Gortho, 86, came to vote at Samcholing pry school PS in Trongsa with his daughter Tenzin Choden. He is the oldest voter at the PS so far

10.02am: A father waits for his turn to vote at Tshaling polling station in Trashiyangste


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