Sanman Subba, 38, is the first Bhutanese to win Phuensum fortnightly lottery twice in a month’s gap. A businessman in Thimphu, he won Nu 500,000 on September 30 and October 30 this year.

After Phuensum Dharim was closed, BLL started Phuensum Mid-Dharim in September this year. It is a fortnightly lottery that is drawn two times every 15 days in a month. Unlike Phuensum Dharim cash prize of Nu one million, the fortnightly has Nu 500,000 for the first prize.

“Lottery office told me I was the first person to win two times,” Sanman Subba said.

Originally from Lhamoizingkha, Sanman Subba considers himself a “luck man.” As he keeps buying lotteries, second and the third prizes are the only lottery stakes he has not own since the lottery restarted in 2016.

Sanman Subba said people should not be carried away by winning and should play lottery consciously. He also believes in sharing the prize money with friends and has contributed to lhakhangs.

From the total Nu one million, at least Nu 300,000 was distributed and contributed. The lottery stall from where the winning lotteries were bought was been given Nu 100,000. At least 25 friends benefited from Sanman’s two wins.

Harka Bahadur Subba, a taxi driver, said Sanman gave him Nu 3,000.

“I spent all that money in buying Phuensum Mid-Dharim this time,” he said, adding that he bought the instant scratch lotteries with the remaining Nu 20 and won Nu 40.

Rajiv Chhetri, another friend, said Sanman Subba was a “lucky man.”

“He also won Nu 31,000 from Indian lotteries when he had gone to collect the cash in Phuentsholing,” he said. “We are waiting for a hat trick.”

Sanman Subba said it made him feel good to contribute and share some from the winning amount.

“It would be difficult to share from the hard-earned money but this is something I won with luck in short durations and there is no problem sharing a little,” he said.

The two-time Phuensum Mid-Dharim winner has about Nu 600,000 from the win.

Rajesh Rai