The office of the Attorney General (OAG) forwarded the judgment of the five civil servants involved in the Gelephu drungpa case to the Anti-Corruption Commission yesterday.

The ACC is expected to forward it to the Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC) so that RCSC could decide on the services of those involved.

OAG prosecutor, Ugyen Wangchuk, who prosecuted the case said that according to the Civil Service Act, if the civil servants, including drungpa Pema Wangdi and administrative assistant Sonam Norbu, who got 15 years and eight years prison term, do not appeal to the High Court within 10 working days from the day the judgment was given, they will be terminated from service.

He said that if the civil servants appeal, their service will remain suspended until the final judgment is given.

One of the civil servants involved is engineer Kelzang Dorji and he was sentenced to five years in prison on six counts of charges including commission amounting to an abuse of function, omission amounting to an abuse of function and forgery.

Kelzang Dorji was a member of the tender committee and site engineer for construction of the crematorium in Sershong, Gelephu and was involved in three cases of Sershong cremation maintenance, tsachu maintenance and restoration of border security wall.

Another civil servant is Tenzin Wangda, who was also an engineer in the drungkhag. He got a prison term of one year and six months for omission amounting to an abuse of function and aiding and abetting corruption in the maintenance of Losel cinema hall.

Anther engineer, Dechen Singay, got six months in prison for aiding and abetting corruption in the Indo-Bhutan boundary wall construction.

Nirmala Pokhrel | Gelephu