Yangyel Lhaden 

Five of the eight minor-markets in the zones around Thimphu thromde were inaugurated yesterday. The rest would be completed by next week.

The minor-markets in Chang Gidaphu, Chang Ziri, Kawajangsa, Langjopakha, and Dangsina zones were handed over to the vendors from Centenary Farmers’ Market ( CFM).  Some of the shops can accommodate a vendor, others can fit two.

Every minor-market has a shutter, parking space, storage room, and an attached toilet. The shops will sell vegetables, fruits, dairy, and livestock products.

A CFM vendor, Pema Wangdi started selling in Chang Gidaphu zone yesterday.

It was a good day to start the business so he started immediately after the mart was handed over to him. “There is a fear to start new business in a new location but I hope the business here is better than at CFM.”

Thromde’s Chief Engineer with Infrastructure Division, Yeshi Wangdi,  said that despite the challenges faced with the pandemic and lockdown they could complete the minor markets on time.

“ The minor markets were built within 45 days by local workforce, ” he said.

Another vendor with CFM, Pema Yangdon, said that she was looking forward to selling from Chang Ziri zone in the next two weeks. “I haven’t done business after CFM first closed and I need time to set up.”

The vendors of CFM have not turned up to sell at Kawajangsa zone. Deputy Executive engineer with Infrastructure Division, Sonam Namgay, said that the slot would be given to new vendors through lucky dip if the vendor did not turn up.

Thimphu Thrompon Kinlay Dorjee said that as per the governments’ directive CFM vendors were given first priority to sell at the vegetable markets in the zones. “We have received many applications from new vendors.”

The construction of eight minor, six medium, and two major vegetable markets in zones is a project worth about Nu 80M.

An official with Thromde office said that although the construction began after CFM’s closure it was in the Thimphu structural plan.

“Major vegetable market in Babesa lam-tag is expected to complete next year and a major vegetable market in Motithang is still under discussion,” Sonam Namgay said.

Meanwhile, six medium vegetable markets are expected to complete by March.

Sonam Namgay said that all the minor-markets would be given to vendors by March 1 while medium vegetable markets would be opened for business in April.