Neten Dorji | Trashigang

Making use of Trashigang rabdey’s fallow land, Farm Machinery corporation limited (FMCL) started an integrated dairy and horticulture farming at Norzinthang, Trashigang.

Varieties of vegetables, maize, fruits and fodder grasses are grown on 13 acres of land.

FMCL spends about Nu 2 million on land development to tap irrigation water and purchase materials.

According to the regional manager of FMCL, Norbu Wangdi, the main objective of the programme is to meet food sufficiency and provide employment to youth. “We’ve already planted off-season vegetables, cauliflower, broccoli, potato, maize and chili.”

Supported by the agriculture ministry, the project intends to focus on off-season vegetables, tomatoes and chili.  “If the project succeeds, we could produce enough vegetables for Trashigang dzongkhag. If not, it should be sufficient for people of Trashigang town,” he said.

According to the manager, they are trying to make farming a model project for Trashigang and the eastern region. “Being located near the highway, it can serve as a study centre.

He also said that if everything turns out as expected, FMCL would start dairy farming with high breed cows.  “Rabdey already constructed the sheds.”

Officials said, as per their mandate, they were going to market the vegetables to schools and hospitals. “We’re trying varieties of vegetables but it failed because of dry land,” an official said.

The Renewable Natural Resources Research Development Centre (RNR-RDC), Wengkhar and the dzongkhag agriculture sector are providing technical support.

Out of 72 acres of land, 13 acres has been developed in which vegetables would be grown.  The project was initially started by Trashigang rabdey.  However, FMCL is continuing the project today.