Charity: The Nganglam bazaar football club that emerged as runners up during the veteran football tournament held in Nganglam dungkhag spent the cash prize they won to buy waste bins for the town.

Besides the cash prize of Nu 23,000, the players also added from their own pockets to modify and buy 15 new waste bins that they placed in different areas in the town. In all, they spent about Nu 40,000.

Waste management is a prominent issue in Nganglam and disposal of waste along the town has continued despite the construction of a dump yard for the town.

The team captain Ugyen Dorji said that it was a small gesture from their side to help the waste management issue. “Lot of matches take place but it’s rare to see the cash prize being utilised wisely,” he said. “Investing in dustbins was the best we could do.”

The team expects people to utilise the waste bins whenever public meetings take place as waste management was always an issue.

Another team member Jigme Ura said that although the garbage collector truck comes once a week, garbage strewn along the road or town was often neglected. “We hope with the dustbins in place now, it would serve as a reminder to people to dispose their garbage properly,” he said.

With the help of the dungkhag administration, they distributed the waste bins and also created awareness on waste management besides reminding people to take care of the dustbins.

Yangchen C Rinzin |  Samdrupjongkhar