Football: Thievery is rampant at Changjiji and Changlingmithang football grounds. Till date, more than 60 individuals have lost their belongings while playing football.

On January 24, at around 1pm, a college student lost his jacket, mobile phone and wallet along with important documents at Changjiji. Caretaker had locked the 22-year-old’s belongings in the grounds storeroom only to find that they were missing.

“I checked the entire room and found my jacket hidden among the tools inside,” he said.

Bom Bdr Tamang, in-charge of the two football grounds, said that several such incidents have occurred in the past. However, this was the first time that a person lost his belongings from inside a locked room.

“When people are engaged in the field, thieves take advantage of the situation,” said Bom Bdr Tamang. “Most of the people lose their belongings that are kept outside.”

Tshering, 17, lost his bag and mobile phone from the same ground a month ago. “I lost my whole belongings that was kept near the storeroom,” he said. “This is daylight robbery. The management here should be held responsible.”

While cases of nicking things have decreased at Changlimithang, the rate has increased at Changjijij said Bom Bdr Tamang, adding that the issue will be soon taken up to BFF and security guard deployed.

Football enthusiasts who come and play regularly suggest installing CCTV will go a long way in addressing the problem.

Community Police Centre at Changjiji has been receiving several complaints. Not a single thief has been arrested so far.

Younten Tshedup