Fanned by strong winds, the forest fire, which began yesterday afternoon at Tshendona, Paro is yet to be contained.

Tshendona is in Lamgoong gewog. The fire was reported to have started around 2pm. Although the fire was suspected to have started from a transmission line running through the area, it has been verified that the line has not been used for about three months.

The cause of the fire is unknown and no casualties were reported as of yesterday.

Onlookers shared concerns that if the heavy wind continued, the fire would reach Sangay Choekhorling lhakhang. Choechotse lhakhang is also located above place where the fire started.

Residents of the lhakhangs were reported vacating the locations.

Locals, deSuungs and volunteers from the armed forces are still fighting the fire. Two helicopters were also tasked to help contain the fire.

Staff reporter