Chhimi Dema

Dorji Duba, 44, a senior forester working with the Bhutan Tiger Centre received the Forest Ranger and Guards Award of the year on December 9.

He was given the award for his contribution to biodiversity and wildlife conservation in the country for two decades.

The award was given by the Balipara Foundation, which takes a community-based approach to conservation by balancing nature and economics and equips communities to be stewards of their local natural assets.

“I feel fortunate to have received the award,” Dorji Duba said. “It is the support that I get from my leaders, my dedication, and hard work that has gotten me here today.”

“My job is my passion,” he said.

In 2019, Dorji Duba, after 82 years, rediscovered the Primula Chasmophila, a local herb species endemic to the Black Mountain.

He was also among those who first visited the Black Mountain to set up camera traps and spotted snow leopards in 2017.

“Most people in this job tend to give up easily because it takes a lot of energy and determination,” he said.

Dorji Duba said that for him, the love of nature gives him the energy to carry on.

In 2015, Dorji Duba spent 24 days in the field, carrying his luggage on a yeti exploration trip.

Black Mountain (Photos: WWF)

The Department of Forests and Park Services’ director, Lobzang Dorji, said that such recognition shows that Dorji Duba has worked with utter dedication.

“I have high regard for his efforts and am impressed with his achievement,” he said.

Dorji Duba is also engaged in conducting the second nationwide tiger survey in Trongsa.