Choki Wangmo 

A senior forestry officer, Kinga Norbu won the gold medal in recognition of his excellence in inculcating leadership and management practices amongst 428 Bhutanese and Indian officer trainees. 

Kinga Norbu attended the 95th foundation course at Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (LBSNAA), India from October to December last year. 

Kinga Norbu

He said: “I never expected to get the award amongst such numbers of officers from India and Bhutan.” 

He said that the leadership and management skill he acquired was due to the Bhutanese values and his experience from the 19 years of service.  “Before leaving for the course, the forest director said that I should be the goodwill ambassador of Bhutan.” 

Kinga Norbu studied sustainable natural resource and wildlife conservation during the course. Currently, he is studying a masters degree at the Indian Forestry Service at Indira Gandhi National Forest Academy and expects to complete by 2022.   

He said that the lessons in administration and social science he learnt during the foundational course at LBSNAA will help him take conservation closer to people. 

Last year, Kinga Norbu was appointed in the Forest Protection and Enforcement Division within the department to head forest protection and surveillance section. 

The award, also known as “Esprit de Corps” gold medal is awarded to the topmost officer trainee of the batch.

There were 11 officers from Bhutan who attended the course with 18 civil service groups from India and Bhutan. The award system was instituted in 1953.