To bridge the gaps between people’s needs and law, Thinley, 36, from Yangtse gewog has decided to contest in the National Council election from Trashiyangtse.

Thinley has a Bachelor of Laws degree (LLB) from Bharati Vidyapeeth University in Pune, India and a Post Graduate Diploma in National Law (PGDNL) from Royal Institute of Management in Thimphu.

He worked as a legal officer with the National Land Commission Secretariat and later as an attorney at the Office of the Attorney General. He also worked as a member of central dispute settlement body for the first Local Government elections in 2011.

After resigning as a civil servant in 2014, he claims that he worked as a farmer, a businessman and a legal consultant.

“I know the people of Trashiyangtse and their needs well and I can contribute better as a National Council member,” he said.  “I am well informed of our national goals and long-term policies. The Constitution guarantees fundamental rights to the people and it is the government’s responsibility to honour the rights,” he said.

Likewise, the Constitution also confers fundamental duties to the people and they need to be informed about it, he said. “This requires careful crafting of laws and policies to best serve the interest of our nation and the people.”

If elected, he would focus on communicating important laws and policies to the people and making their voices heard.

He said this would help in enabling people to take ownership in the decision-making process and enhance the legitimacy of laws. “This would require representatives to be approachable anytime anywhere to listen to people’s issues,” he said. “That is exactly what I intend to do.”

Dechen Tshomo