… With focus on bringing harmony and unity to communities

A former Member of Parliament (MP), Lhatu, from Wamrong constituency in Trashigang decided to contest in the upcoming National Council (NC) elections from Lumang gewog.

The Druk Phuensum Tshogpa MP from 2008 to 2013 said that it is his desire to continue his service under a more matured institution as a lawmaker.

“I had the privilege to serve in the National Assembly and I’ve done the best I could keeping in mind the interest of my king, country and people,” he said. “However, it is my undying urge to continue my service and NC seems more matured house for me to take the opportunity.”

Lhatu works as the director with Mountain Hazelnuts at Lingmethang, Mongar, as of now.

He holds an MBA from India and a Bachelor of Commerce from Sherubtse College.

Prior to joining politics in 2008, he worked with Bhutan Agro Industries and Bhutan Telecom. He also served as operations manager with UNDP Bhutan for seven years.

Lhatu said that since NC is the review house, he would be able to contribute in terms of law making. “NC would also contribute in how we can bring about changes in the policies that would affect the lives of the community.”

If elected, he said that his primary focus would be on bringing about harmony and unity in the communities.

“When it comes to politics, I believe it still needs maturity and more understanding within the communities,” he said. “Often times, there are rifts created in the process. Since NC is an apolitical body, I would like to concentrate on how to curb these misunderstandings and rifts generated in the process of election.”

He said that contesting in the NC is more convenient as it is based more on personal ideologies and not party oriented.

“When it comes to parties, it is difficult as you have to cook up stories and in the process even lie sometimes which is not always in line with your conscience,” he said. “I’ve seen and participated in the squabbling of politics, and hence, serving in the house of review shall be a soothing balance to me.”

He claimed that working with Mountain Hazelnuts has given him filed experience on the field with the people. “I’ve travelled far and wide of the country and their feedback would go a long way in making a policy that is implementable and beneficial for all.”

Younten Tshedup |  Trashigang