Experience was a major factor in the outcome

LG: Voters of Phuntshothang chiwog in Phuntshothang gewog voted for former gup Sangay Wangdi during the chiwog zomdu held yesterday.

Securing 114 of the 212 votes cast on an electronic voting machine (EVM), Sangay Wangdi who was also a dzongkhag tshogdu chairperson will now contest as the gup candidate from Phuntshothang chiwog.

Sangay Wangdi will have to contest against candidates from other chiwogs for the post of gup on poll day which is on September 27.

The other candidate Gopal, a BBA graduate secured only 57 votes while another candidate, Sangay Phuntsho, a former Geydrung got only 41.

It was no surprise that the former gup secured the maximum votes because most voters were looking for experience. Some said that a new gup would take half of the tenure to learn and therefore, there would not be enough time to implement developmental activities.

“We have roads and basic facilities so what would a new gup bring? Instead the old gup will have an idea on what developmental activities are left and on how to implement them,” a voter said.

But the former mangmi, Chandra Darjay, lost by four votes to Yadinath Tiwari. Chandra Darjay secured 83 votes while Yadinath got 87.

Of the six chiwogs in Phuntshothang gewog, two chiwogs have already completed the zomdu and each has a gup candidate.

The chiwog zomdus will be completed by August 23.

All the gup candidates are given five minutes each to introduce themselves while mangmi candidates get three minutes.

Tshogpas are voted through signatures by registered voters.

There are 11 gewogs in the dzongkhag.

Meanwhile, the zomdu for Samdrupjongkhar thromde will start from August 18.

Yangchen C Rinzin |  Samdrupcholing