A veteran legal representative from Tsirang, Udaya Narayan Bhattarai, has declared his interest to contest in the upcoming National Council election.

He will contest from Mendrelgang gewog against another aspirant, a former tour guide, Ramesh Chhetri Bhandari.

Almost three decades ago, the father of two completed his Bachelors in Cultural Studies from Sampurnand Sanskrit University in India.

Since graduation, Udaya Narayan Bhattarai served in the field of law and order and various dzongkhag courts for 13 years as a legal representative. He then ventured into business.

He claims he served the needy people as a social worker in Tsirang dzongkhag.

Udaya Narayan Bhattarai said that his intention to contest the NC election is to contribute and make best use of His Majesty The King’s gift of democracy and to serve the Tsawa-sum. “It is also to provide more choice to voters of Tsirang.”

He claims that being born and brought up in Tsirang, he is familiar with his people and their needs. “I‘ve been serving my dzongkhag with grace and I’m aware of the kind of changes they want,” he said.

Should he be given a chance to represent Tsirang in the house of review, he said he would make people at the grassroots aware of existing laws.  “This lack of understanding is putting a lot of people in trouble,” he said. “I’ll also strive to change the thinking of people.”

He also said that he intends to be a bridge between the government and people. “Being more sensitive to people’s need, listening to others’ perspectives and creating a way of honest communication with respect and understanding are some of my other areas of interest as an aspiring NC candidate.”

Nirmala Pokhrel | Tsirang