The former National Council (NC) member from Lhuentse, Rinzin Rinzin, 48, has declared his intention to re-contest in the upcoming National Council (NC) elections.

He said people requested him to re-contest. He claims he wants to bring changes in the Parliament to perform its oversight and review functions as is mandated and empowered by the Constitution and the respective Acts of the two Houses.

Rinzin Rinzin is from Gonpakap (Goenkar) village in Khoma, Lhuentse.

After losing the NC member post in 2013, he worked as the Chief Country Coordinator for the Foundation of SAARC Writers and Literature and Chief Technical Advisor to Bhutan Transparency Initiative.

He claims to be a writer, a poet, a consultant and an eminent scholar.

Rinzin Rinzin said that since NC needs dedicated, experienced and qualified members, he has the ability to carry out legislative, policy and public programme reviews without fear or favour in an apolitical and professional manner.

“As a scholar and a policy, legislation and management consultant, I believe that if I get elected, I can contribute a lot in addressing these urgent issues; our country’s long-term security, sovereignty, integrity and the people’s welfare depend on the quality of legislation, policy and public programme reviews and therefore their formulations and oversight by the Parliament.”

He said people should vote for him because he gained adequate experiences not only as a Member of Parliament but also as a consultant to the Parliament for eight months in 2016.

Rinzin Rinzin said he completed almost 90 percent of his familiarisation tour. “Lhuentse is one of the least developed dzongkhags but it has good potential in terms of agriculture production, development of cottage industries and small and medium enterprises and tourism.”

Tashi Phuntsho | Lhuentse