LG: While the number of mangmi contestants has decreased,  competition is intense for the post in Nichula gewog of Dagana.

A former mangmi will try to regain the post, but for that to happen, he will have to get past a former geydrung.

Former mangmi, Bhim Bahadur Bhattarai, 33, from Damchhunang chiwog (Alay) was nominated after securing 37 of 60 votes cast during the zomdu. If elected for a second term, he has several development plans for Nichula.

Improving agriculture and solving human-wildlife conflict will be two major areas. “I want to complete electric fencing in Dramze-Kesa (Katarey) that is incomplete today,” he said.

This can be done in collaboration with the Phibsoo Wildlife Sanctuary, the former mangmi said. A solar-electric fence in Dangreybu (Bichgaon), for which budget is already available will be expedited, he added.

On agriculture, Bhim Bahadur Bhattarai said a budget of Nu 3.6 million (M) has been approved for an 8km irrigation channel in Damchhunang and Dramze-Kesa, that will benefit all.

The threat of the Punatsangchhu eroding private land in Dangreybu is another issue Bhim Bahadur Bhattari wants to address if elected. “I am ready to serve again and in a better way.”

Former geydrung Padam Bahadur Powrel, 28, has a different approach. While developmental activities are important, he said planning is even more important.

“It’s also the people’s right to be a part of the plan,” he said at the last common forum at Gangtokha.

Transparency in budget details, and following up on implementation of public development activities are also important, he said. “It will not work if plans are left as plans,” he said. The former geydrung pointed out that he would serve better as a mangmi.

Padam Bahadur Powrel said that working as a geydrung has made him understand the work of both mangmi and gup.

“Your five years will be easy and benefitting if you vote for the right person,” he said.

Padam Bahadur Powrel was the lone mangmi candidate from Dramze-Kesa. He secured 31 “yes” votes of 33 cast in the chiwog zomdu.

Meanwhile, both mangmi contestants in Nichula are campaigning door-to-door.

Both candidates are Class XII graduates of Ugyen Academy in Punakha.

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Rajesh Rai | Lhamoizingkha