Former Royal Advisory Councillor sentenced

Breaking News: The former Royal Advisory Councillor, Chang Ugyen, was sentenced to three years of non-compoundable prison term this morning by the High Court in connection with illegal land transfer case. He was handed over to police after the High Court passed its verdict about an hour ago.

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  1. yagbar
    yagbar says:

    November 2, 2015 at 12:22 pm
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    This land scam is just one of the numerous land scams with one such big land scam involving the notorious land mafias of Thimphu already under acc investigation. What we have failed to understand is that old cases dating several decades back are being dug up while some recent cases are being prolonged to cool down? Who is responsible and who is to be blamed?
    Justice delayed is justice denied but we know that ACC alone cannot move move forward unless there is strong political will combined with necessary administrative back up from the government of the day. Nevertheless, the government of the day should be fair enough to realize that they are not there permanently and if not now it will certainly surface later on. Those innocent should not suffer while those guilty should not escape also. If people are found guilty they should be punished no matter which political background they come from.
    We sincerely hope that the government of the day together with help from the ACC and OAG will bring justice to the Multimillion Ngultrum worth land scam of Thimphu. we wonder whether the delay is because of the fact that the iron lady Dasho Aum Neten zangmo left the ACC? Kuensel ought to update us in line with your mandate “THAT THE PEOPLE SHALL BE INFORMED”

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