To serve the public and provide people a choice and freedom to choose the right candidate, a teacher has decided to contest in the National Council election from Dagana.

Tenzin Samdrup, 39, from Tseza gewog is a former English teacher.

With a BEd in elective English from Paro College of Education, Tenzin Samdrup, said following peer pressure and encouragement from the families, the public and his colleagues, he decided to contest.

Dagana has the highest number of aspiring NC candidates as of now. The father of two said, that the people of Dagana should be glad to have many candidates.

“I want to be the voice of Dagana people,” Tenzin Samdrup said. “I am confident that with my experience and strength of language, I will serve wholeheartedly.”

During his familiarisation tour, he observed that although lot has been done, there is still a need to do more in the dzongkhag.

Tenzin Samdrup said that if he gets elected, he would concentrate on policies to serving the elderly. He would also look into equitable regional development and social welfare.

“I will make sure that I always consult and seek advises from local leaders, people, and older citizens.”

Dagana has 17 NC aspiring candidates registered with the Election Commission of Bhutan after five candidates withdrew their registration. Of the five, two were disqualified because they had the Sikkim Manipal University certificate while three others withdrew because there were too many candidates.

Yangchen C Rinzin