To contribute in making democracy vibrant by giving more choice to the people, a former teacher is standing as a National Council candidate from Haa.

Having served as a teacher for eight years in three schools of urban and semi-urban Bhutan, Tobgay from Haa Throm has decided to give an opportunity to the people to choose a potential candidate who can represent them well in the upper house.

Tobgay, 37, said that there are many who fulfil the requirements but being born and brought up in Haa, he said he understands the core issues.

If elected, he said that he would try to make the grassroots more aware of existing laws. “In absence of proper understandings of legal provisions, people get into trouble,” he said. “People should know that laws are for their own benefit. I would strive to change the mind-set of the people.”

He said that he would participate in reviewing laws, as good laws are key to making good rules and policies. “Good laws are the basis of a harmonious society.”

If elected, Tobgay would review laws that can bring more benefit to the people, such as the child’s compensation, which is today paid until a child turns 18 years.

“As expenses become higher with age, I think making compensation beyond 18 years would help children who had to be raised by a single parent.”

From Haa Throm, Tobgay will contest against a former Dzongkha Education Officer, who was his teacher before. If he gets through, he would contest with aspiring candidates including the current NC member Tshering Dorji. As of now there are six aspiring candidates registered to contest from Haa.

Besides being competent, the 37-year-old believes that age plays a role in decision-making. “I am at the right age to deal with any issues and take risks in the interest of the nation,” said Tobgay.

After resigning from teaching, Tobgay took up businesses. Currently, he works at a road-building project in one of the remote villages in Samtse.

Tenzin Namgyel