Rajesh Rai | Phuentsholing

Former Phuentsholing thrompon Uttar Kumar Rai, 39, secured a vote more than 38-year old Tashi Wangchuk in the dhamngoi zomdu on March 20 and was nominated to contest the thrompon elections from Neydrag constituency.

He wrested 33 votes, while Tashi Wangchuk got 32 votes. Neydrag has a total of 84 eligible voters, the lowest in Phuentsholing thromde.  Of these, 65 turned out to cast their votes.

The zomdu started at 9am and concluded at 2pm.  Election officials give time until 3pm to close the voting.  However, candidates can decide whether they want to wait until 3pm or conclude before the stipulated time.

The aspiring candidates were given 10 minutes each to deliver their speeches before voting began.

Humble in defeat, Tashi Wangchuk said, “When two bulls fight one has to win and the other has to lose. So I was defeated by a single vote.”

When the results were declared Tashi Wangchuck remained indifferent.  Later, he said, “But I was disheartened for those 32 voters, who must have expected me to win and fulfil their expectations to serve them hereon.”

Meanwhile, dhamngoi zomdu was held for Pasakha constituency yesterday.  But the demkhong didn’t have any thrompon nominee.  Today, dhamngoi zomdu will be held for Pekharzhing demkhong, which also doesn’t have a nominee.

Tomorrow, two candidates will vie for nomination from the Phuentsholing Maed constituency (core town).  Former thromde tshogpa Chhungku Dawa, 40, and 31-year old Tandin Wangchuk will contest to make it to the next round.  Tandin Wangchuk contested in the 2016 thrompon election.

On March 24, dhamngoi zomdu will be held for Phuentsholing Toed demkhong.  Former Phuentsholing thromde engineer Devi Charan Dhimal, 56, and Deepen Ghallay, 34, will be seeking nomination from the constituency.  Phuentsholing Toed has 206 eligible voters, the highest in the thromde.

Karma Gelay, 53, is the lone candidate from Rinchending constituency.  Dhamngoi zomdu for the constituency will be held on March 25.

Phuentsholing thromde has a total of 926 eligible voters.

Pasakha and Pekharzhing with 138 and 194 eligible voters respectively will play a key role in the thrompon race this time.