LG: The last common forum in Dagana was held in Khebisa gewog on September 19.

There are four candidates running for the post of Khebisa gup.

Pemba, 37, from Pagser chiwog contested in the first local government election in 2011 but was not elected. Pemba’s relatives and people from his chiwog encouraged him to try again for the gup post.

Blacktopping of farm roads from Drugaygang to Khebisa gewog centre, addressing census issues, providing his private vehicle for emergency uses, solving drinking and irrigation water issues, were some of the pledges he made.

Another candidate is former Mangmi, Draw, 46, from Pogtog chiwog. Draw said that people have faith in him and elected him as a mangmi for two terms. He decided to contest for the post of gup to serve the people in a larger way.

“I have gained experienced while serving as a mangmi and I know what the people need and want,” he said.

If elected he plans to utilise and allocate government budget in a fair and transparent way.

Pabitra Kumari Singer is another gup candidate. The mother of two studied until class 10 in Dagana. The lone woman candidate from the gewog said that she is as competent as her men counterparts.

“If I am given a chance, I will do my best not to disappoint my voters and will live up to their expectations,” she said. Allocating the budget equally to all the chiwogs and getting the public’s views while planning were some of the pledges made by Pabitra Kumari Singer.

Namgay, 39, is standing from Thongmgang chiwog and has served as tshogpa from 2004 to 2007. Namgay said that  given his experience with local government, he was encouraged to contest for the post of gup this year.

If elected, Namgay pledged to construct a kitchen for the oldest lhakhang in the gewog, to make farm roads pliable even in the monsoon, and to improve the drinking water supply.

The candidates are currently campaigning door-to-door.

Yeshey Dema | Dagana

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