Nim Dorji | Trongsa

Four men from Sephu gewog, Wangdiphodrang were caught in Bumthang and fined for attempting illegal cordyceps collection. 

A patrolling team of Police, Foresters and Dessups of Bumthang caught them at Toktozam, a bridge that connects upper and lower Chhoekhor at around 11.30pm on April 14.

According to the Police, the foresters received a complaint of people going for illegal collection. 

The patrolling team found a pair toothbrush for cleaning cordyceps, a binocular to look out for foresters, and a net to dry cordyceps in their bag along with other items.

They told police they wanted to enter Cordyceps collection sites through Bumthang as the route was shorter compared to the path from their gewog.

They were released the next day after paying a fine of Nu 5,000 each as per the Cordyceps Harvesting Guidelines 2019.

Kuensel learnt that since they were arrested on the way and did not reach the site, they were partially fined and let go.

Meanwhile, the Wangchuck Centennial National Park in collaboration with police and Desuups are frequently patrolling the peripheries of Chamkhar town to monitor illegal collectors.