The move was to learn from each other and celebrate the national reading year 

Education: For the first time in Sarpang dzongkhag, four schools jointly celebrated the national reading year through a reading fiesta on September 26.

A total of 80 students, teachers and principals from Norbuling Central School, Chuzagang Primary School, Umling Lower Secondary School and Taraythang Primary School gathered at Norbuling Central School for the fiesta.

At the fiesta students staged the readers’ theatre competition, where they read dialogues with characterisation. More than the competition, the drama focused on reading with sound modulation or intonation and fluency of words.

Taraythang Primary School bagged the first place for creativity, presentation, audibility, fluency, clarity, expression and sound modulation. Umling LSS stood second and Chuzagang PS came third.

At the exhibition, each school showcased their creativity of portraying writers and reading materials. To make students familiar with local writers, a reading tree was also planted at one of the corners where photographs of local writers were displayed along with their biography.

Portraits of international writers were also on display with some of their quotes.

The coordinator of the fiesta and teacher at Taraythang Primary School, Tshewang Ngedup said there could not be a better way than collaboration between the sister schools for a reading fiesta since each school had something to teach and learn from each other.

“There are many things every school could learn from each other and this is a special place for exchange of ideas and intellectuals,” he said. “We’re starting small and we hope our smallest endeavor would inspire others to take up reading.”

Each school has individually initiated various activities to celebrate the national reading year. Some of the activities include mass reading with the community and Non-Formal Education learners and observing reading weeks in each school. The best reading programmes from these schools were brought together at the fiesta, Tshewang Ngedup said.

Gelephu dungpa accompanied by the Dzongkhag Education Officer attended the fiesta. While Norbuling Central School hosted lunch for teachers and students, Sarpang education sector funded the fiesta.

Aimed at promoting love, habit and interest for reading among students and also to built professional reading communities between five sister schools, the reading fiesta will also be organised next year.

Nirmala Pokhrel