One-time limited edition coins are up for sale throughout the country

RMA:  The Royal Monetary Authority (RMA) released a pair each of gold and silver commemorative coins to mark His Majesty Drukgyal Zhipa’s 60th birth anniversary.

The two sets of coins are released as one-time limited edition and minted by the Royal Mint, based in United Kingdom.

The finance secretary and officiating chairman of the central bank, Lam Dorji said the RMA took the responsibility following His Majesty’s command to release commemorative coins in gratitude to the Fourth Druk Gyalpo.

The gold coins weighing 15.55 gramme measuring 27mm in diameter is being sold at Nu 57,000 each.  The fineness of the gold is 999.99, the purest type of gold currently produced.

One of the gold coins bears the portrait of His Majesty the Fourth King used for 25th coronation anniversary commemorative coin and the other coin bears His Majesty’s portrait used in seltrum coins minted in 1979. The reverse side contains the official logo of 60th birth anniversary celebration enclosed in eight auspicious signs.

The two silver coins also bear the same design. The coin is made of 999 fine silver, usually called the pure silver, weighing 31.07g and measuring 38.61mm in diameter. Each silver coin is up for sale at Nu 5,000.

However, only 100 pieces of each type of gold coin and 2,000 pieces of each type of silver coin has been minted for sale across the country.

The RMA’s officiating governor, Eden Dema said the coins were dispatched to various banks for sale. She however said that the coin is not a legal tender and cannot be used for circulation.

A sales outlet would also be set up to sell the commemorative coins outside changlingmethang during the celebration. Her Royal Highness the Princess, Chimi Yangzom Wangchuck launched the Commemorative Coins.

Tshering Dorji