Nima  | Gelephu

Members from the committee of Friends of Frontliners handed over masks and essential items to the frontline workers in Gelephu on October 1.

The initiative began after His Royal Highness Prince Jigyel Ugyen Wangchuck visited the point of entries, according to the dzongdag.

There are close to 200 members in the group, formed last month, to support the frontline workers with the basic essential items and support services to ensure efficient surveillance along the long porous borders.

The group contributed mask worth Nu 120,000 and common electric kitchen appliances, rice cookers, and curry cookers, worth Nu 290,000 for different points of entry in Sarpang.

Sarpang dzongdag, Karma Galay, said the support from the Friends of Frontliners would ease some problems facing frontliners placed in different point entries.

“It was important that we support the frontline workers in times like today. There was a need to make their workplace more comfortable and convenient as the pandemic gets longer,” he said.

Karma Galay said that the initiative would enhance collaboration between the private sector and the administration, which is essential during the pandemic and also during disasters.

The dzongkhag is often confronted with floods almost every year. The group is expected to continue their support during such incidents.

A member of the group, Dawa Penjore, said that the dzongkhag had a high risk of transmitting Covid-19. “It is important that we help and keep the frontline workers motivated.”