Samteling stream area turning to a park

Choki Wangmo 

More than 120 employees from entertainment and hospitality sectors, who were laid-off because of the Covid-19 pandemic, have almost turned the bushy area along Samteling stream in Thimphu into a beautiful park.

In the last seven months, they have added beautification elements such as rock garden, footpath and gazebo in an area that is about two kilometres. In the future, there are plans plant 78 tree species including hazelnut and cherry.

“Work is 60 percent complete,” a thromde supervisor, Tshering said.

Workers, however, are unhappy with the lack of community support and sense of responsibility.

A tour guide, Tempa Rabgye, said people dump waste into the stream the moment they finish cleaning it up. “We have requested house owners and local government leaders but they don’t take the initiative to care for it.”

They have collected 18 kilograms of garbage while clearing the bush.

Leaking private water pipes also damaged the area and thromde and workers have asked the owners to fix the issue but to no avail.

Thromde’s beautification activities across Thimphu have employed 141 laid-off workers. The workers are deployed in Babena, Olakha, Taba, Pamtsho, and Dechen Zam in Chubachhu. Works include plantation and creation of open spaces among others.

Thromde is expected to adopt the places once it is complete.

Meanwhile, the workers are paid Nu 15,000 in addition to the kidu amount of Nu 10,000.

Tempa Rabgye said that the amount was sufficient for them to sustain in Thimphu. He plans to involve in creation of such parks within the thromde area in the future.