219 positive individuals recover in Sarpang as of Tuesday

Nima | Gelephu

While the number of community cases in Sarpang dropped in the past week, the number of frontline workers getting exposed to the virus is on the rise in the dzongkhag.

Close to 30 de-suups working in red clusters and quarantine facility were exposed to Covid-19 in Sarpang since the dzongkhag reported community case on January 16.

Sarpang implemented lockdown restrictions for almost one month.

De-suups working in various red clusters, outposts, and in essential delivery teams say the risk of frontline workers getting exposed to the virus was high.

According to sources, more than 50 de-suups were deployed to monitor red buildings that reported positive cases in Gelephu and Sarpang. The officials on duty work in containment mode. They are picked and dropped from the containment centre to work on an escort daily.

A de-suup who worked in a red building for more than one week in Gelephu said that the officials on the frontline were vulnerable considering the nature of work.

“Some people in red buildings won’t agree to our request and come out of rooms. We might get exposed through the air while monitoring red clusters,” he said.

He added that the officials on duty follow strict safety protocols.

The officials deployed in red buildings ensure people from red buildings don’t move out and mix with other residents after being cordoned.

The dzongkhag received additional de-suups last month as the number of cases from the community, facility quarantine, and containment centres increased.

Another de-suup working in the essential delivery team said the frontline workers might come in contact with primary contacts without knowing about it. “We have to drop essential supplies in all zones. But, we are tested every week and resumed our work only after testing negative.”

De-suups are involved in essential delivery work in containment mode. The delivery teams don’t come in contact with other frontline officials who are in patrolling teams, ensuring the teams are not exposed to the virus.

There are five delivery teams comprised of more than 40 de-suups dropping essential supplies to the doorsteps in Gelephu. None of the desuups from the essential delivery team were exposed to the virus to date.

Meanwhile, out of 623 positive cases reported from Sarpang since January 16, 219 have recovered as of February 8.

All positive cases from Jigmecholing and Samtenling gewog, 59 individuals from Sarpang Central School, 126 from Gelephu thromde, six from Dekiling, and four from Umling gewog were reported recovered on Tuesday, according to the record with the dzongkhag Covid-19 task force.

Sarpang reported 25 new cases yesterday: three from community and 22 contact cases.