Rains have come and there is the real show going on in the town this day. Along the thoroughfares of Thimphu city, great drama is unfolding. Our manholes are bursting gloriously. That is the picture of our city plan.

For sure we cannot blame our thrompon, and for sure we cannot blame our government.

But why must our sewer lines fail us whenever there is just a little rain? As deep in ‘ frothing shit’ as we are, do we not have the right to question, even?

Things are going good. We are all working towards securing the goodness that is the glory of our happy little society. Maybe we are losing our focus. Maybe our plans do not mean anything to us. We look at civil servants for example, but are they showing the good any which way at all?

This day as we speak, civil servants are themselves the disgruntled lot. Is being inquisitive “our” fault? Let’s come back to the ‘frothing shit’ if that is ours to make any sense at all.

Summer has barely come and our manholes are flooding. This is Thimphu this day this season. City population will grow. Usage of urban facilities, in whatever forms, will only grow. Do we have enough space to accommodate our flaws?

This day as we speak, parts of Motithang are being dug feverishly. Digging is our problem. We have a structural plan for the city, but what is it really if we can’t even channel our own waste properly? It is Thimphu today, how far are we going to go tomorrow?

Questions are a problem today. If you question, you are from the ‘other’ group. This is shameful. But the real shame is when we can’t even allow a real debate to take place. Let’s clean our waste and we will have wiped our faces clean altogether.

Oh, but, let’s talk our waste again. It is a serious problem. Thimphu is struggling with sewer problems. It shows how we are tackling it. When manholes burst to glory every time there is a little rain, there is a problem.  When we have no options but to let our waste froth and let out noxious smell, we have a problem.

We have our city plan. That much we know. Is sewer not part of it? How can a city plan be complete without a dependable sewer plan?

This summer is one. Many summers have gone by. Thimphu’s sewer has remained a problem still.