The news of The Gyalsey’s birth had reached far and wide by the time the Prime Minister appeared on the national TV to formally announce the joyous occasion yesterday.

Before the announcement was over, people were already on their way to offer prayers for the wellbeing of His Majesty The King, Her Majesty The Gyaltsuen and The Gyalsey.

There was a request from the Prime Minister to the people – to offer prayers in their own little ways. The people didn’t have to be reminded or be requested. Like any other sacred or auspicious day, Bhutanese, old and young, alone or with friends and families, came out to visit their village lhakhangs, dzongs and other religious monuments.

There are certain things Bhutanese need not be told. Reverence to their King is one. His Majesty The King had commanded not to have grand celebrations at the cost of the government coffer. There were no big celebrations, but Bhutanese knew how to celebrate.

It was the perfect celebration as they rejoiced by praying and wishing Their Majesties well. Reverence lies inside and the Bhutanese across the country exemplified this yesterday. It is a symbol of harmony and fidelity between The King and His people. It is heartening to witness such reverence, respect and bond among the people and their King. The younger generation has inherited this reverence.

We celebrate in knowing that there will unbroken continuity of the sacred bloodline of the Wangchuck Dynasty. We also celebrate so that we can derive energy and inspiration from the security ensured with the joyful arrival of The Gyalsey.

We have our Gyalsey, a wish, a prayer and a gift we fervently awaited.  The greatest gift from our part on this sacred occasion is continuing this unconditional reverence and the unconditional loyalty to our Kings.

As we celebrate the coming of The Gyalsey, the greatest gift to The Gyalsey is collectively taking the responsibility of making Bhutan a stronger nation so that we leave a better Bhutan to the younger generation with whom our Gyalsey will grow and serve the country.

For more than 100 years, we have relied heavily on our successive monarchs to take us through the journey that we have completed. The Gyalsey personifies the future of our country and we have a huge responsibility in shaping the destiny.

In His Majesty The King’s words, Gyalsey is not only His son but nation’s too. This is a responsibility heavier than the mountain. With the prayers we offer today, if we can commit to work tirelessly, honestly and sincerely to serve our King, country and people, there is a great future ahead of us and the Wangchuck Dynasty will live on.