Labour: Foreign Workers Recruitment Agents (FWRA) in the country could now have new version of rules and regulations. The labour ministry is currently in the process of finalising and endorsing it.

Recruiting agents in Phuentsholing, operational at present, will also have to renew their certificate of registration (COR). The regional office has currently approved the recruitment agents two months of renewal time until August.

This means that the agents that are operational today will have to go by the new version of the rules and regulations for registration.

There are about 10 recruitment agents in Phuentsholing that are operational.

As per the current procedure, the trade office validates the agents’ licences only after receiving the certificate of consent from the labour office. Should the agents not have their offices and other necessary requirements as per the mandated standards, certificate will not be provided, which will eventually lead to not getting licence from the trade.

Although recruitment agents did not comment, it was learned the regional office of labour ministry in Phuentsholing has forwarded a report and a set of recommendations to the head office in Phuentsholing.

Officials in Phuentsholing said the agents were doing fine as of now in terms of the existing rules and regulations.

Labour Director Jigme Thinley Namgyel told Kuensel that the revised rules and regulations are being studied still. “We are in the process of assessing and evaluating the rules and regulation very carefully.”

The Anti-corruption Commission suspended more than 20 agents August last year.

As these cases have reached the dungkhag court recently, recruitment agents are confused as to whether they should renew their licence.

The agents are also worried about paying penalty that they might have to.

Jigme Thinlye Namgyel said that licences will be terminated if it the agents are found guilty.

Rajesh Rai, Phuentsholing