Tshering Namgyal | Mongar

Residents remained rooted at the gambling stalls for hours during the recent Mongar tshechu that ended on December 9.

There were dart games, Tambola (the Indian Bingo), card, and dice games which drew huge crowds.

Of around 170 stalls allotted for business at the public ground adjacent to the town, around 20 were gambling stalls.

A senior monk said gambling should be banned at any cost during such events as it creates disharmony in the family and the society. “Spending in the restaurants and buying things from the shop benefits because people get at least something in return, but not from gambling,” he said.

The stalls, which were opened on December 3 continued until December 9 although the tshechu ended on December 6.

Town residents complained of blaring announcements from gambling stalls  and loud music that remained until early mornings.

“Although it’s entertaining I could not sleep properly for the entire week due to the loud noise,” a resident said.

A tour guide with one the travel agents, Yonten, who was with his guests at Wangchuk Hotel in Mongar town said even the guests complained about the noise. “We could do nothing,” he said.

A member with the dzongkhag tshechu committee said the committee approved only dart games.

Some lost money in the gamble up to Nu 30,000, whereas there were others who won Nu 24,000 overnight.