Nima | Gelephu

Gelephu Thromde temporarily relocated a group of businesswomen selling garments and clothes near the vegetable market to industrial service centre area last week.

The women would continue their business until the thromde completes the construction of an integrated vegetable market. The temporary structures of the women were dismantled on February 1.

The thromde would provide the vendors with basic amenities at the new site and the women will have to build their own temporary structures.

Thromde officials said that 22 women would be supported with a proper place for the business once the construction of the integrated vegetable market is completed.

Thrompon Tikaram Kafley said the women had to discontinue their business from the present location because the place was identified for the construction of an integrated vegetable market.

“We informed them about the construction project in advance. We have awarded the work to the contractor and he would start the work soon. It was important that they vacate the site,” he said.

He added that the thromde is planning to identify a proper place close to an integrated market area with a proper structure and improved facilities for 22 women to do the business after the construction project.

“They will have to pay a minimal fee. It will be a good one,” said Tikaram Kafley.

Vendor, Choney Zangmo said that the decision came as a huge relief to the vendors. “It would be helpful for us if the plan to provide us with proper structure and place near vegetable market materialises,” she said.

The vendors would continue their business at the industrial service centre, located few minutes drive away from the Sarpang Gelephu highway near the Army Welfare Project and close to the Bhutan Oil Distributor fuel depot.

Budhi Maya Rai said, “The new location at least helps us earn rent. We were worried if we would be allowed to do the business again.”