LG: The election office in Gasa will have to conduct by-elections in at least two chiwogs of Laya gewog, Gasa.

Two tshogpa post in Gazalungu and Pazhi chiwogs of Laya gewog could not be filled in during the local government election.


Election officials said while Pazhi chiwog had one male tshogpa candidate, he could not secure enough ‘yes’ votes and was not elected. There was no tshogpa candidate contesting from Gazalungu chiwog.

Election officials said except for the former tshogpa in Gazalungu, none of the eligible voters sat for the functional literacy test (FLT). The chiwog had 162 eligible voters. The election office would have to once again conduct an FLT test for interested candidates to proceed with the by-election.

The least populated dzongkhag has also elected a woman tshogpa from Tsheringkha chiwog in Khatoed gewog.

Shekar Wangmo, 25, was the only woman candidate contesting for a local government post in Gasa. The dzongkhag saw no women candidates contesting for the posts of gup and mangmi.

The mother of one said she decided to contest for tshogpa post, as there was no one contesting from her chiwog. She wasn’t sure about wining and didn’t go to find out the voting results. “My friends called me and informed me about the results,” she said.

Shekar said not many people in Gasa were fond of the tshogpa post, although many were interested to become mangmis and gups. Not many sat for the FLT.

Shekar Wangmo said she feels that she can inspire more women participation in the next local government election. “While I don’t have much knowledge about how the local government functions, I believe I could bring positive changes and serve the chiwog with my best,” said Shekar.

She studied under the non-formal education programme for three years. It has helped her basic Dzongkha writing and reading. Shekar said her parents could not give her an education, as she had many younger siblings to take care of.

Shekar said unlike other remote chiwogs of Gasa, Tsheringkha chiwog is much better off in terms of road, water supply and other facilities. However, she hopes to help her community people through her new post.

Dawa Gyelmo | Wangdue


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