Phurpa Lhamo | Gasa

A trekking route construction has begun from Gasa to Lingzhi in Thimphu.

Around 5km of the 36km trekking trail from Remi in Gasa towards Chebesa in Lingzhi was completed last month. It takes another 4 hours’ walk to reach Lingzhi from Chebesa.

The project is executed under the Tourism Council of Bhutan’s (TCB) Tourism Flagship Programme.

According to Gasa’s Planning Officer, Tashi Dhendup, the project spent Nu 2.5 million (M) in the last fiscal year to conduct a preliminary survey of the route and for the construction of the 5km trail.

TCB has approved Nu 2.5M more this fiscal year for the project.

“Only after the execution of work in the fiscal year 2020-21, we would be able to confirm the completion time of the route,” Tashi Dhendup said.

However, more than 5km route construction is expected to be completed this fiscal year because them preliminary survey is already completed.

Gasa dzongkhag administration’s plan to revive the trail route was because of its significance. The route in 16th century was used by Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal to travel from Gasa to Lingzhi, Tashi Dhendup said.

The dzongkhag’s aim is to preserve the historical trail and to attract international and domestic tourists.

Tashi Dhendup said that upon completion, the route could grow its popularity among the annual highlanders’ festival visitors. “Moreover, upon the completion of the trek route, it will become like a ring road. As of now, we do have a trek route from Lingzhi to Laya.”

The dzongkhag administration has identified camping sites, water supplies and waste disposal areas along the trek route.

The survey group took 18 days to cover the 36km distance.

The dzongkhag administration has also proposed construction of cafeteria and restroom at Damji, construction of visitor information centre (VIC) at Tshachu, and has sought support for village home stays (VHS) under Khatoed Gewog.