Thukten Zangpo

Khatoed Gewog went to former gup. Khamaed and Laya gewogs elected new gups on December 22.

Lunana Gewog will elect its gup on January 6. The Election Commission of Bhutan rescheduled the poll day for eight gewogs whose gup candidates were reissued audit clearances.

Out of 34 tshogpa candidates, 18 were elected. Gasa has the lowest number of registered voters: 2,183.



Damcho Dorji, 38, from Khailog-Tarshingthang chiwog was elected gup of Khamaed Gewog. He secured 293 votes of which 200 votes from the electronic voting machine (EVM), 14 from the mobile voting booth (MVB), 42 from the paper ballot facilitation booth (PBFB), 37 from postal ballots (33 in-country, and four from overseas).

He previously served as mangmi. He also worked as a contract teacher for eight years.

“I will give my best for equity and justice and will work to address acute shortage of irrigation water in the gewog,” Damcho Dorji said.

The other gup candidates, Namgay Dorji and Kinley Penjor, secured 124 votes and 79 votes respectively.

Pema Wangdi, 27, from Gayza-Zomina chiwog was elected as mangmi. He secured 193 votes.

Damcho Thinley was elected tshogpa from the Barsha-Panikong chiwog with 90 votes. Choden Choden is the tshogpa of Damji chiwog with 60 votes. Passang from Gayza-Zomini chiwog got 49 votes and was elected tshogpa.

Kencho Wangmo was elected tshogpa of the Jabisa chiwog securing 62 “yes” votes and 8 “no” votes. Kencho Wangdi was elected tshogpa of Khailog-Tarshingthang chiwog with 66 “yes” votes and 5 “no” votes.



Tshewang, 41, from Pazhi chiwog was elected gup. He secured 347 votes. Tshewang worked as mangmi for 10 years and said his connection with people helped win the election.

He said that his focus would be to maintain farm roads and mule tracks to fast-track the developmental activities in the gewog.

Out of four candidates for the mangmi post, Pema Jamtsho, 26, from Gaylza-Loong-Go chiwog was elected. He secured 279 votes.

While Passang was elected tshogpa from Chongra-Loobchag chiwog with 108 votes. Lhakpa Tshe is the tshogpa of Neyloog chiwog with 63 votes. Leki Tshewang from Toedkor chiwog with 59 votes to be elected tshogpa.

Lhakpa Tshering from Gaylza-Loong-Go chiwog with 156 ‘yes’ votes and 23 “no” votes and Karma Tobgay from Pazhi chiwog with 113 “yes” votes and 7 “no” votes were also elected tshogpas.



Former gup and dzongkhag tshogdu thrizin, Thinley Wangdi, was re-elected as gup of Khatoed Gewog.

Thinley Wangdi secured 134 votes (85 from EVM, seven from MVB, 23 from PBFB, 19 from PBC (9 in-country and 10 overseas). Damcho Dorji secured only 59 votes.

“Gup is the bridge between the government and people and I promise to serve the people by meeting His Majesty The King’s aspiration,” Thinley Wangdi said.

He said that he would focus on the gewog’s self-reliance, maintenance of the farm roads, and enhancing agricultural activities to minimise the import of the agricultural produce.

Sangay Tashi from Mani chiwog was elected mangmi. He secured 212 votes. Tashi from Rimi chiwog was elected tshogpa with 34 votes. Shekhar Wangmo is the tshogpa of Tsheringkha chiwog. She got 33 votes.

Namgay Dem secured 67 “yes” votes to be the tshogpa of Baychhu-Tshedpgang chiwog. Phurba got 87 “yes” votes and one “no” vote and was elected tshogpa of Chhogley-Phulukha.

Two tshogpa candidates for Mani chiwog got 25 votes each.



In Lunana, Namgay Tenzin, 37, from Thangza-Toencha chiwog, was elected mangmi. He got 261 votes.

Norbu Tshering from Ramina-Uesana chiwog who got 39 votes was elected tshogpa. Phub Tshering, the tshogpa-elect of Lhedi, got 37 votes.

Nima Dorji was elected tshogpa from the Thangza-Toenchoe chiwog. He got 173 “yes” votes and 20 “no” votes. Gyembo Tshering was elected tshogpa of Tshozhong. He got 53 “yes” votes and one “no” vote.

The two tshogpa candidates of Shang-Threlga-Wachey chiwog got 39 votes each.