Dechen Dolkar  

Gaydrungs will get a one-year basic salary and other benefits from April this year as a special retirement scheme.

The Prime Minister’s Office issued an executive order on April 6 to discontinue the post of gaydrungs permanently from the local government functionary; their tenure ends this month.

According to the Ministry of Finance (MoF), the special retirement scheme—a year salary starting from April this year and leave travel concession (LTC) and leave encashment—will be paid for their recognition of their dedicated service to the country as per the pay revision Act of 2019.

The Cabinet in April 2019 extended the gaydrung’s contract as per the resolution of the National Assembly.

The gaydrungs were not entitled for professional development and retirement benefits as their service was not covered by the Royal Civil Service Commission’s employment rules.

The move would mean a cost around Nu 38.184 Million (M), a year salary, for 194 gadrungs. For LTC and leave encashment, it will cost around Nu 6.41M.

They will get Nu 15,000 as LTC and one month’s salary for leave encashment if they have not availed leave.

The basic salary of the gaydrung starts at Nu 16,120 a month.

How will gaydrungs be paid?

Finance Minister Namgay Tshering  said: “If there is any budget left for civil service retirement from the general reserve, it will be adjusted from there,” adding that even otherwise, the ministry will ensure that gaydrungs get the full benefits.

An official from the finance ministry said that LTC and leave encashment is budgeted.

The ministry has also asked the dzongkhag administration to ensure the disbursements at the earliest. 

Earlier this month, 11 gaydrungs appealed to the government and opposition party on the extension of the contract and more compensation for retrenchment.