Yam Kumar Poudel  

A 6.6-acre recreational park for local communities and tourists was launched yesterday near Issuna village, Paro.

With the country opening up to tourists in a few weeks, the park expects tourists and visitors from other dzongkhags.

Visitors can come to the park between 9 am and 10 pm throughout the week. The park management will charge a nominal entry fee which would be used to develop and maintain the park.

The recreation park, constructed by Green Bhutan Corporation Ltd (GBCL), has swings, a mini-swimming pool for kids, a children’s playground, beach volleyball ground, khuru ground, a beach football court, hammocks, camping ground, public restrooms, and walking trails.

A press release from the corporation stated that with rural-urban migration, the urban population is increasing steadily. “There are mental health issues in towns and cities without green recreational areas in and around urban areas. Therefore, such recreational parks are very much required across the country for physical as well as mental health.”

GBCL has plantation programs across the country to encourage eco-tourism and conservation efforts and develop and manage landscapes and greening. It also works with private sectors and FDIs to implement landscape development and commercial plantations.

GBCL is a registered company under the Companies Act 2016 with government equity of Nu 33.33 million.