Gedu police have sent the blood samples of a 19-year-old student and a 25-year-old farmer to Thimphu for a paternity test of a month-old child.

A 16-year-old student is the mother of the child.

Gedu police stated that the blood samples were sent on November 20 for DNA analysis and they are yet to receive the results. Police also sent the blood samples of the mother and the child. It was learnt that the forensic division in Thimphu police sent the samples to India.

The 19-year-old student and the 25-year-old farmer were detained since October 2 after the girl’s father reported to police about the men’s relationship with his daughter, who was then 34 weeks pregnant.

It was learnt that the girl told police that she had a physical relationship with both men in the first week of February during a ritual and a marriage party.

The police report stated that since both the men did not use any precaution, she had irregular periods since March. She then approached the school counsellor who advised her to conduct a pregnancy test. The pregnancy was confirmed after she visited a basic health unit in the locality and the school counsellor informed her parents. The girl had to drop out of school.

Although the girl told police that the act was against her will, the men claimed it was consensual and that they assumed she was above 18 years.

Meanwhile, police forwarded the case to the Office of Attorney General (OAG), charging the two for the rape of child above 12 years of age, which is a violation of section 183 of the Penal Code (Amendment) Act of Bhutan 2011.

OAG officials said they would review the case.

Staff reporter