But pleads that all acts were committed based on the former dungpa’s instruction

Corruption: The former Gelephu dungkhag administrative assistant, Sonam Norbu accepted all charges against him but rebutted that he did it as per the instructions of the former dungpa Pema Wangdi, during the opening hearing on December 22.

Regarding the embezzlement of Nu 6.2M (million) public fund generated from Losel Cinema hall, defendant Sonam Norbu submitted that the former dungpa was aware about the money saved at the State Bank of India in Gangtok in the name of the late Losel Cinema hall Manager, Dizang Choka and Ugyen Buthri.

“The care taker Gyeltshen Yeshey and I stayed at Gangtok for almost a year fighting the case to get back the money,” he submitted. “We won the case and got back Nu 10.6M including the interest in the form of demand draft that was in favor of Losel Cinema Hall and deposited the amount in the Bank of Bhutan account.”

Sonam Norbu also rebutted that the dungpa gave him Nu 0.6M after returning from Sikkim and said he accepted the money assuming that it was a reward for him for fighting and winning the case.

In his rebuttal, Sonam Norbu also said that procurement and forging of bills for the maintenance of Losel Cinema hall was done as per the instruction of the former dungpa and said he had assumed that there was no risk related to Losel Cinema hall since it was a private property.

Sonam Norbu admitted to forging documents and adjusting the amount withdrawn from the Losel Cinema hall account as well as forging bills from the maintenance work.

The administrative assistant was charged for embezzlement of public fund, fraudulent practices and misuse of authority. He is also charged for aiding and abetting the alleged crime and embezzlement.

The OAG will rebut on January 4.

Yeshey Dema, Gelephu