Election: Issues prominent at the common forum of thromde election in Gelephu yesterday were constituency development, building floodbanks and protecting green bent zone.

Gelephu has three candidates vying for the office of Thrompon.

Tshering Norbu

Tshering Norbu is the candidate from Trashiling constituency.  The thirty-four-year-old computer science graduate from Sherubtse said Namkhaling lags behind in many way compared with other constituencies in Gelephu.

“Namkhaling needs blacktopped roads; it is threatened by floods every summer. If I am elected Thrompon, I will make sure we have blacktopped roads and embankment built to protect ourselves from the floods,” said Tshering Norbu.

He also said that he will finalize the local area plan and laid out his plan to construct quality internal drainage system, resolve water and road issues, improve vegetable market, develop urban forestry for greener Gelephu and parks for senior citizen and children, among others.

Tshering Norbu said that there is a need to construct a footpath from town to Sethikhari. He said that as a Thrompon he will visit the constituencies regularly and see that service delivery is efficient and streetlights well maintained.

Tshering Norbu was Executive Director of KN Construction Pvt. Ltd.

Harka B Gurung 

Harka Bdr Gurung said that he will make Gelephu a model town in the country.

He said that as Thrompon he will develop vegetable market so that farmers can sell their farm produce and to stop people from going to Dathgari to buy vegetables.

“I served the government for 38 years. Now I want to serve the people of Gelephu,” said Harka Bdr Gurung, and added that with the coming of international airport in Gelephu, there is a great opportunity for economic development.

Tika Ram Kaffley

Tika Ram Kaffley, who served Sarpang Municipal Office for 15 years, said that he will build flood embankment in Namkhaling and work to make the constituency a place where construction activities can be carried out.

If he is elected Thomphon, Tika Ram pledged to develop proper development plans for the constituencies, involve people in the management and planning of the town, provide safe drinking water, improve service delivery and make Gelephu an economic and business centre.

“However, your responsibility as voters is to vote for the right candidate,” said Tika Ram Kaffley.

Election debate will be held on January 13 at Gelephu Higher Secondary School.

Yeshey Dema, Gelephu