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A 37-year-old businesswoman from Gelephu, who travelled to Thimphu without staying in mandatory quarantine in November was detained in Gelephu since November 26.

Gelephu police forwarded the case to the court on November 27.

The businesswoman had allegedly obtained a special vehicle permit, Covid-19 test and quarantine certificate even without undergoing mandatory quarantine to travel to Thimphu on November 6.

Sources said the businesswoman was charged for breaching public order and tranquillity as per section 448 of the Penal code of Bhutan.

Section 448 states that if the defendant purposely fails to abide by the government’s orders issued in the interest of public safety, public order and tranquillity.

The offence is graded a petty misdemeanour with sentencing from three months to a year in prison.

The case is at Umling Dungkhag court in Gelephu and the hearing is yet to be conducted.

Following the incident, the dzongkhag Covid-19 taskforce reviewed the process required for emergency travellers.