LG: Nearly two months after getting elected, Gelephu Thrompon Tikaram Kafley joined office yesterday after the former Thrompon’s tenure officially ended.

Former Thrompon Namgay said he did not resign before completing his term, on March 15, because his retirement benefits would have been at stake. He has now left with completion of all paper works for the benefits. “Having served for five year, I leave office with utmost satisfaction,” he said. “I’m now relaxed and relieved.”

The thrompon is entitled to Provident Fund, gratuity, Group Insurance Scheme (GIS) and leave encashment if he has not availed leave, according to the LG members’ entitlement Act.

Although the former thrompon continued to serve in office despite a new elected thrompon waiting to join, no major decision were made during his last two months. “After the first sitting of the second Thromde Tshogde, I refrained from taking any major decision,” the former Thrompon said.

Following a last-minute directive from the works and human settlement minister, the first sitting of the second Thromde Tshogde was conducted on February 26.  Thrompon Tikaram Kafley presided over the first sitting even when Thrompon Namgay had not completed his five-year term.

Thrompon Tikaram Kafley said that the confusion is over and is happy to take over office. However, he said since he could not join earlier and have lost almost two months.

“The day has finally come to work for bettering services for Gelephu residents,” he said. He added that Gelephu thromde is fully equipped now. The thromde got its new Executive Secretary, former Chukha dzongrab Pema on March 14.

Tikaram’s immediate task after being elected was to add a pre-primary classroom to the Gelephu LSS and it was fulfilled. It was learnt that although no additional classroom was set up, about 20 students who did not get admission initially were adjusted and enrolled.

Since the first sitting was conducted at the last minute, thrompon Tikaram said the next sitting will be well planned and thoroughly organized.

Nirmala Pokhrel, Tsirang